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From Utility to Artistry: Ana Maria Crafts Tomorrow’s Trends with 3D Technology


Digital design and 3D assets have become indispensable technologies within the fashion supply chain, streamlining the creative process, enhancing speed, and fueling innovation. We talked to Ana Maria Lopez de Dreyer, a talented fashion designer based in Hamburg, Germany, who took on the challenge of utilizing 3D technology to craft innovative yet eye-catching designs for an outdoor winter collection. 

Stepping into the Digital World
Embracing 3D Technology at JAK Academy

While studying at JAK Academy, Ana Maria dived headfirst into the realm of 3D fashion design, honing her skills and becoming proficient with Browzwear's 3D fashion design software, VStitcher. It wasn’t long before she realized the time-saving benefits it offered aspiring fashion designers like herself. Ana Maria expressed, "Working closely with the software, I soon recognized how it significantly improved my work efficiency, allowing me to achieve more in less time." 

Putting Skills into Practice
A Thesis Project with a Vision

As Ana Maria approached the end of her time at JAK Academy, she focused her final thesis on creating and analyzing puffy garments using 3D technology to bring them to life. 

The project centered around two main aspects: mastering the creation of puffy garments using materials from the well-known outdoor apparel company Mammut, and second, using VStitcher to bring the collection to life without the necessity of physical samples. To kick off the project, Ana Maria conducted research on puffy jackets and gathered data to create her own digital library for down garments. She tested the stitching of the garments, implemented visual effects, and analyzed their drape and rendering.  

Untitled-1_3D-FashionShow 3-1

“Incorporating tools like VStitcher bring many benefits to the apparel workflow," notes Ana Maria. "These include saving costs by prototyping earlier, visually presenting designs before production, working more efficiently, designing sustainably, and understanding material behavior accurately." 

In essence, this project serves as a platform where Ana Maria brilliantly demonstrates the advantages of utilizing technology for crafting a winter outdoor apparel collection that embodies avant-garde fashion at its finest. 

Where Innovation Meets Functionality

Crafting the Phrantic Collection

Ana Maria's fashion collection, Phrantic, exemplifies the effortless combination of creativity and functionality. Drawing inspiration from both Latin American and European environments, this gender-neutral collection features prints that offer abstract representations of the cultural blending prevalent in today's fashion world.  

In her craftsmanship, Ana Maria prioritizes practicality, opting for elastic, breathable fabrics such as high-tech fabrics, natural fibers, and cotton. These materials not only offer support but also ensure comfort during physical activities, aligning perfectly with the collection's emphasis on performance and comfort. 

The resulting ready-to-wear line showcases various clothing items, from thermal wear to breathable attire, UV-protective garments, and wind and waterproof options. Each piece in the Phrantic Collection is crafted to embody unconventionality, color variety, and versatility, with every fabric provided by Mammut. 

FINAL-_3D-FashionShow 2 copy

Among the standout pieces is Ana Maria's black and white tracksuit, where comfort and functionality reign supreme. Crafted from soft, stretchy fabric, it offers a form-fitting construction and protection against the cold, complemented by features like a hood and high collar for added warmth. 

Another highlight is the oversize turquoise poncho, a versatile masterpiece blending artistic design with practicality. Complete with reflective stripes for safety, a front pouch pocket for convenience, and premium goose-down filling for warmth, this piece exemplifies Ana Maria's commitment to adaptability and style. 

FINAL-_3D-FashionShow 1 copy

3D Impact
Bridging the Gap between
Commercial and Avant-Garde

When discussing the initial garment creation phase of the project, Ana Maria praises VStitcher as a powerful tool that lets designers work in a three-dimensional space, making it easier to communicate intricate details. She emphasizes that “VStitcher is not just for commercial designs; it can seamlessly merge commercial and avant-garde design.” Her project would challenge the belief that avant-garde designs require physical prototypes, affirming that "almost any collection can be created in VStitcher. It's a tool where artistic expression, draping, and all aspects of design come together smoothly." 

Looking closer at the workflows, she highlights the ever-changing nature of the fashion industry. “With VStitcher, designers can meet the industry's demands for efficient production and creative innovation. It offers a wide range of options to streamline work processes and bring creative ideas to life," notes Ana Maria. 

Innovating Fashion's Future

Ana Maria's journey with VStitcher demonstrates its transformative potential in fashion design. From avant-garde marvels to commercial triumphs, VStitcher offers "an expansive spectrum of possibilities." As the fashion industry continues evolving, tools like VStitcher will undoubtedly hold "a pivotal role in shaping its future landscape." 

Check out more of the Phrantic collection:





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