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Browzwear Close-Up: Dawn Moothart


Following the launch of her Browzwear VStitcher for Creative Design course, we caught up with Founder & Design Director of Portland Apparel Lab , Dawn Moothart , to learn more about her journey to 3D. By combining her pattern-making skills and knack for engineering , math, and art, Dawn works with a variety of apparel designers and innovators, enabling them to construct manufacturing-ready digital prototypes , all the way through from concept to creation.

3D is a major tectonic shift ,” says Dawn, “ the proto-cycle can be month to six weeks, and shortening that design cycle can mean the difference between making your product drops, or missing them entirely. Any technical faults you might be having, such as length, proportion, or design line placements, can be identified right away.

One of the most important factors for Dawn when it comes to 3D apparel creation is the fact that you have the freedom to experiment and learn as you go, without having to produce multiple physical samples that will ultimately go to waste throughout the design cycle. You can also get an accurate visual representation of how the garment will fit when worn and draped over the body at an early stage. “The fit with 3D is getting better and better, so that when you get the first physical proto, you feel like you are just making some minor adjustments,” says Dawn.

Dawn decided to launch her online class with the goal to share her expertise with other aspiring 3D apparel designers and enable users to learn a workflow thromugh VStitcher and internalize it to a level where they can embed it into their day-to-day design processes. The course, designed for both technical and creative designers as well as pattern-makers, walks participants through the design concept to a finished render with a focus on fit and pattern construction, covering many of Dawn’s tips and tricks along the way.

“Whereas creative designers can take the course in one direction, technical designers and pattern-makers can deep dive into other directions,” says Dawn. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with Dawn throughout the course, as well as receive feedback on their progress.

We look forward to seeing 3D apparel designers dive into the VStitcher Course for Creative Design and broaden their digital skillset and workflow capabilities. Be sure to keep up with Dawn’s innovative adventures:

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“3D allows people to be more innovative and more creative because you’re shortening up the prototyping cycle, you can stretch the boundaries of what you’re doing, and see the results immediately. This way, you iterate faster without wasting materials. ”



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