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Introducing Multi-Layered Material for Virtual Graphic Layers


The Browzwear team is pleased to introduce some exciting new features in the latest versions of Lotta and VStitcher . Among them, is the new Multi-Layered Material option which enables  you to split or stack multiple fabrics or seam textures for manipulation within Browzwear. Once created, the layers can be moved, rotated or scaled independently or as a group.

Simplifying All-Over Prints for Production

The new feature allows you to layer an all-over print graphic on top of a base fabric, and then control each of the layers independently. This gives you full design control over your all-over print right from VStitcher or Lotta. In addition, you can design a garment and flag the all-over print, allowing all of the technical information to be exported as part of the Browzwear Tech Pack.

The Mélange Makeover

The Multi-Layered Material feature is also ideal for mélange fabric. You can more easily create a mélange by defining multiple layers starting with a base and added additional layers for each

Thread color on top. Import your thread design into VStitcher or Lotta, and then define the blends and manipulate the order of the layers to achieve an endless variety of effects.

How Multilayered Seams Stack up

For a complete digital workflow, the multi-layered seams provide an accurate representation of how a garment looks for merchandising and sales. By creating effects including puckering, shadows, and stacking multiple types of seams (e.g. with different colored threads) in 3D and making them an integral part of the design, you can continue to make changes – such as colorways – and still leverage the 3D effects.

Multilayered Materials and the Complete Digital Workflow

For merchandising, the multi-layered material feature helps you achieve more realistic results by layering on top of normal maps and specular maps. With the Overlay and Multiply modes, you can control the transparency of each layer and the way the layers blend.

To find out more about the latest version of VStitcher and Lotta, read our recent blog post .

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