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Summer Refresh: Introducing Our Latest Avatars


clothing design tool The first impression is the one that lasts. That’s why we’re advancing the appearance of our avatars to ensure that they make an impact. With our further enhanced visualization tools, VStitcher users can continue to bring their creative aspirations to life.

If our new avatars Emma and Bella look familiar to you, you’re not wrong. Bella was the start of the show for our most recent May Edition release, and the avatar’s new look has been refreshing for our team. Not only are Bella and Emma hyper-realistic, but they can also be edited to suit the look that you are going for when showcasing your latest collections. All of their joints are moveable, giving you the freedom to create different types of poses.

To make it even simpler than before when adding new avatars, Bella and Emma can be downloaded quickly and easily from the Browzwear cloud library. To access and download Browzwear's avatars, simply click on ‘File’ > ‘Import from Cloud’ > ‘Avatars’ where you can choose either Bella or Emma. Once you have downloaded the avatars, you can choose from a range of colors which you can access via ‘Edit Avatar’ > ‘Textures’.

We’re excited to see the impact that Emma and Bella bring when showcasing garments designed in VStitcher, and be sure, there are more to come. Check out this video to learn how to import the new avatar from the cloud as well as how to edit them:


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