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Introducing Browzwear’s Latest Avatars – Child, Legs, and Faceless Male


We’d like to take this opportunity to formally introduce you to three new members of the Browzwear avatar family – Charlie, the child avatar, male Faceless, a mannequin-like avatar, and a pair of legs. If you are using VStitcher or Lotta 2022.1 Edition and up, all three can be downloaded from the Browzwear Cloud Library, so you can start using them in your 3D fashion design workflows today.


Create Childrenswear in Minutes with Charlie

Meet Charlie, our versatile and fully parametric child avatar ideal for garment creation for ages 2-5 (90-110cm). Charlie is highly customizable, allowing users to adjust the height, hair, and gender to suit their specific design needs. Users can also experiment with various poses, from built-in options to custom ones. Additionally, Charlie can be seen in motion using various animations, making it an ideal tool for fashion and textile designers creating clothing for children, as it allows them to see how the clothing will look in different movements.


Visualize Socks & Shoes Like Never Before with the Legs Mannequin

The legs avatar enables you to create endless variations of socks in different styles, lengths, and textures for both the right and left legs. This avatar is highly customizable, allowing users to adjust the measurements and positioning of the legs and feet to suit their specific design needs, experiment with various poses, and make any necessary adjustments on the spot.

On our Cloud Assets Library, you will find multiple socks blocks for a quick start, including types such as no-show, below and over the calf, and liner.


Shine the Spotlight on Your Garment Designs with Faceless

Introducing Faceless, a mannequin-like avatar now available in a male body, a unique way to showcase your designs. Faceless allows you to present your garments in a neutral and minimalist style, perfect for drawing attention to the clothing rather than the model, and let your imagination flourish. Make your designs stand out with Faceless, a neutral and minimalist way to showcase your garments.

Each avatar brings unique features that cater to different design needs, from children’s clothing to minimalist designs and even socks and shoes. With the ability to customize, adjust, and experiment with different poses and animations, designers can now create even more realistic and dynamic designs when conducting their 3D apparel design workflows.


Want to learn more about our new avatars?

Visit our Help Center and stay tuned for more avatars coming your way!

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