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New Features Enhance User Experience in VStitcher 7.8 and Lotta 3.8


Team Browzwear is always working to ensure an efficient and enjoyable experience for anyone who uses our software. In the latest version, we introduced several UI enhancements for you to benefit from, including:

Smart Guides

You can now align elements to each other or to the parent bounding box , and snap to them. It’s possible to align pieces as well as internal elements.

Dynamic Pivot Point

Easily move the pivot point on elements and pattern pieces to enable precise control over rotation. The dynamic pivot point is available for all element types – pattern pieces, internal lines, artworks and trims.

New Camera View UI

Maximizes the control over the virtual camera by having the camera settings in a centralized location. You can now also import and export presets including camera position, rotation, lens properties and more for better control and a standardized Camera View across teams and organizations.


enables users to attach internal lines to edges so they grow or shrink simultaneously with edge modifications for cutline creation, measurements and many more CAD related operations.

Converting a Line to an Edge

You can now automatically convert an internal line on a pattern piece into an edge. For example, if you draw an internal line to signify a pattern variation, you can automatically change it into an edge.

To find out more about the new features in the latest versions of VStitcher and Lotta, check out our recent blog post here .

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