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Product in a Day: Browzwear X Delta Galil X Bezalel Academy of Art & Design


Empowering the Next Generation of Fashion Design Students with 3D Technology

Have you ever imagined how a fashion product is created from start to finish? What processes go into making a garment from concept to physical reality? Our Product in a Day initiative gives fashion students of all specializations the unique opportunity to learn the processes of the fashion industry and create a garment from concept to finished product in a single day.

In collaboration with Delta Galil , a global leader in innovative design and technology, manufacturing and marketing, and a partner to leading global brands, we recently hosted a Product in a Day event at the prestigious Jewelry and Fashion Department, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design , Jerusalem. This time around, the students were divided into groups to take on the challenge of creating a leisurewear outfit in Browzwear’s 3D clothing design software, VStitcher, crafting a digital twin of the physical result before stitching and presenting the physical garment.


Delta Galil provided the students with a selection of their own custom 3D garment blocks, digital assets, and physical fabrics, challenging them to create their designs with volume, texture, and draping with the given fabrics. The students began the day by developing the patterns based on Delta Galil’s blocks, then designing, stitching, and simulating.

“Delta puts innovation first. That’s why we think a collaboration like this is so important,” s ays Oshrat Ben-Isaac , Digital Platform Team Leader at Delta Galil. “At Delta, we all speak the digital language to communicate between designers, pattern makers, management, and partners. We believe the sooner the next generation speaks the digital language, the better.”


With the teaching of Bezalel Academy’s Gili Azran 3D Patternmaker and Course Lecturer, accompanied by Browzwear’s Neel Brosh , 3D Apparel Designer, Damien Climent 3D Product Manager, and Delta Galil’s hands-on technical support throughout the day, each group worked on the true-to-life rendering process before printing out their patterns and working on the physical garment. The students presented their garments side-by-side, showcasing the digital and physical pieces. Needless to say – the results were certainly impressive!

“The collaboration with Browzwear gives students a chance to learn a new software which is both accessible and practical, it is a tool of expression to realize their dreams as groundbreaking designers,” says Shelly Satat-Kombor , Head of the Jewelry and Fashion Department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. “Bringing 3D into the academic curriculum is essential for independent designers. They will be able to use it as tool for their own design studios and 1-1 clients,” says Gili Azran.

“My advice for fashion design students is not to be intimidated by such technology but to embrace the change happening now and make the most out of the freedom and creativity it brings to the process,” adds Oshrat.

“VStitcher bridges the gap between design and patternmaking with its solution-oriented approach. The software appeals to designers and pattern makers, making it a versatile tool. Its ability to cater to both groups is a remarkable strength,” says Stav Cameo, a Bezalel Academy of Art & Design student.

This collaboration provides students with a valuable learning experience and ensures that they are well-versed in the latest digital technologies and ready to succeed in the ever-evolving fashion industry. We are excited to see the growth and development of fashion students as they adopt and integrate the future of fashion into their craft. “The world is shifting towards digital solutions for creating unique experiences and optimizing non-digital processes. For aspiring fashion professionals, having a comprehensive toolbox like VStitcher is crucial,” adds Stav.

“Fashion education is where it starts,” says Sharon Daube , Director of Education Partnerships at Browzwear. “It’s essential for us at Browzwear to reach out to students to connect them with the industry and provide them with an understanding of how the industry works and where 3D comes into play from design to development.”

The Product in a Day initiative gives fashion students an unparalleled opportunity to learn the processes of the fashion industry and create a garment from concept to finished product in a single day. With VStitcher, students developed patterns, designed, stitched, and simulated their leisurewear outfits, all while receiving hands-on technical support from industry leaders like Delta Galil.


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