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Smart Trims Drag and Drop Their Way Into Your Heart and Your Next Designs



  • Smart Zipper & Buttons


  • Easy to assign
  • Fun to design
  • Quick to share

The release of VStitcher 8.0 and Lotta 4.0 has introduced many exciting new features. We wanted to take a closer look at some of them in a series of blog posts over the next few weeks. The first features we’ll highlight are the Smart Zipper and Smart Buttons which enable you to easily assign, design and share a complete zipper or buttons.

Smart Buttons and Zippers

How it Works

Forget everything you knew about the tedious process of measuring edges and making straight lines to line up buttons with their holes or placing a zipper just so. With Browzwear, you simply place the zipper onto a desired location. That’s right…two clicks and your zipper will be automatically applied to the garment, fully functional and inclusive of its main components such as the slider, puller, pull cord, teeth and tape.


It’s so Easy to Add Buttons

Two clicks and to apply both the buttons and the corresponding button holes. Both sides will be incorporated, perfectly aligned for proper buttoning and unbuttoning.

In addition, each smart zipper and button can be customized in many ways and shared and distributed as a complete asset package. Want a different thread color on those buttons? No problem. Looking for pre-loaded zipper? We’ve got five of them…and 11 different buttons, too – each one offering a base with infinite iterations by modifying elements like colors, tape width, textures, and more. Or, of course, you can import your own.

Style the Look

You can button or unbutton that shirt, and zip or unzip those sleeves, with one click. Want to zip it halfway? No problem. With Browzwear, you can see how the fabric, cut and seams move with the closures. In addition to configurable location, you can also configure thread color and other features which can then be cloned or duplicated with a few clicks of the mouse.

So go ahead, try it out and let us know what you think.


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