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Stylezone Workflow Video: Collaborative Style and Collection Building



The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and designers need to keep up with the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition. However, designing a new garment can be a complex process that requires collaboration between different team members, from fashion and technical designers to product managers and merchandisers. That’s where VStitcher and Stylezone come in, providing a seamless collaborative workflow that streamlines the design to production process.

Create Your Style Request in Stylezone

The process begins with creating a style request in Stylezone, where you can add all the relevant information needed to get started, such as size charts and color palettes. The annotation tool can be used to clearly instruct the fashion and technical designers on the next steps. This makes it easier for all team members to stay on the same page and work towards the design intent.

Hand Over to the Technical Designer

The technical designer can then go ahead and download the file from Stylezone, and make necessary adjustments to the garment. After it’s ready, the garment can be uploaded to Stylezone using the ‘Share to Stylezone’ feature. By checking ‘Save and upload BW file,’ all team members can access the same file, allowing them to communicate over a single source of truth. The ‘Optimize BW file size’ option also reduces the file size while maintaining image and texture quality and drastically speeding up the render time. VStitcher provides default quality standards that generate cropped cover images and a 3D object file for the 3D viewer.

Review & Provide Feedback for the Fashion Designer

After reviewing the garment in Stylezone, further annotations can be provided to the fashion designer using the Annotation tool. They can download the file and make necessary adjustments before uploading the new version to Stylezone.

Upload & Review the Latest Version to Stylezone

The ‘add resources to current version’ option creates a new version in addition to the previous one, allowing team members to keep track of all the different variations of the garment created during the process. Using the versioning feature in Stylezone, all team members can see the different versions of the garment that were created during the process.

Collaborate with Miro Board

Last, but not least, the Stylezone and Miro Board integration enables smooth sharing of all style-related information with the entire team, fostering a highly collaborative environment. This feature guarantees that all team members are well-informed throughout the entire design process, with the ability to modify the status of styles, provide feedback, and communicate any necessary changes. As a result, all stakeholders can stay updated, making the collection creation process more efficient and effective.

Enjoy a Seamless Collaborative Workflow with Stylezone & VStitcher

VStitcher and Stylezone offer an efficient and streamlined way for fashion designers to ideate and design garments for their collections. With the collaboration of the entire team, the design process becomes faster, more accurate, and more efficient, allowing designers to focus on the creative aspect of their work.

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