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The First and Only Comprehensive Colorways Workspace for Professional Apparel Designers


Working across all colorways has never been easier and quicker. With the new, improved workflow, what used to take hours, now takes only minutes!

Browzwear is proud to introduce Colorways – a dedicated intuitive workspace for creating, managing and adjusting colorways, with multiple new features developed to optimally respond to designer needs. With this latest innovative technological tool, Browzwear is continuing to lead the fashion industry and further streamline the apparel design process, to support you, the apparel designer, in unleashing your creativity.

The Colorways interface clearly displays the color libraries, as well as all the materials, fabrics, seams, artwork and trims you can choose from. It provides you with full control of all parameters, and with the ability to introduce modifications more easily than ever before. Any change in the choice of fabrics, colors, trims, physical properties, etc. can be updated at a click,  in either one, several or all the colorways. Icons indicate links to other colorways in which the same changes in trims and artworks have been implemented. To change the color of a material, simply drag and drop the color icon to the material. Artwork, including its texture and physics, is easily added anywhere on the garment, and can be scaled to different sizes, linked to or unlinked from trims, and updated with a click. Another important option provided by Colorways is copying and pasting specific individual features, such as only the physical properties, to provide you with full flexibility in realizing your vision. As you continue in your design process, you can clone, add, import, delete and rename colorways – all with a click or two.

All the modifications are viewed in real time, in a window of adjustable size, in 2D and 3D. Preview images, which previously showed only colors, now display complete images, with the added option of grid view. These images can be reorganized in the order you prefer, which will automatically be reflected in the generated tech pack as well. Furthermore, thumbnails also provide a more true-to-life representation, with the checkered background removed and shadows added to improve fabric viewing.

A supplemental new feature, significant also in terms of its implication on reducing production costs, is the display of ‘colors in use’. This feature allows you to easily identify if you have used, for example, two very similar colors, and unify them by placing the icon of one on the other. 

The one of the two that you have chosen will automatically be updated where the other one has been implemented.

Try out our new Colorways workspace and share your experience with us!


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