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The Journey of the Full Stack 3D Designer - Panel Webinar


With the rapid advancement of technology, apparel organizations are undergoing a significant digital transformation. In this era of innovation, it is crucial for fashion industry professionals to possess creative skills and technical expertise. That's where the role of a 'full-stack' 3D designer comes into play.

Similar to a full-stack developer in the world of computer science, a full-stack 3D designer is a master of both creative fashion design and technical fashion design. They possess a unique blend of artistic vision and technical know-how, allowing them to tackle every aspect of 3D fashion creation single-handedly.

In our panel discussion, we are thrilled to bring together Arielle Lindberg, Senior Design Manager at Hanesbrands, and George Voulgaris, 3D Garment Specialist at Swim USA - Two exceptional 3D designers who have honed their skills in apparel organizations that have embraced digital transformation on a wide scale. These talented individuals will share their experiences, insights, and challenges they have faced while establishing themselves as 'full-stack' designers.

You will gain valuable insight into how these 3D designers have navigated the ever-evolving fashion landscape, leveraging technology to enhance their creativity and technical proficiency. They will provide a behind-the-scenes look at their unique workflows, showcasing how they seamlessly integrate creative design concepts with cutting-edge technology.



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