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Browzwear X The Mills Fabrica Open Day Event


The Intersection of Fashion and 3D Technology

At Browzwear, we are committed to empowering young fashion designers with unparalleled exposure to cutting-edge 3D skills. Beyond supporting design competitions and collaborating with esteemed academic institutions to offer 3D courses, Browzwear has continuously sought new approaches in offline activities. By breaking through traditional models and offering novel experiences, such activities aim to captivate the younger generation and revolutionize their perception of creativity in the fashion industry.

A couple of weeks ago, Browzwear partnered with The Mills Fabrica and its Fabrica Lab for the fourth consecutive year to cultivate and propel the development of 3D technological applications within the industry. This time, they were joined by a new partner, TG3D Studio, one of The Mills Fabrica’s incubatees, to co-create the entire content of an open event. The primary focus of the event was to provide an immersive experience of the 3D design process, unraveling the transformation of a design concept into a tangible garment through the realms of digital processes.

“We are grateful for Browzwear’s support to The Mills Fabrica over the past years. Browzwear’s support and participation in our Open Day on the 19-20 May has been truly inspiring, and we look forward to our continuing collaboration in accelerating innovation in the fashion and textile industry through Fabrica Lab.” says Cintia Nunes, General Manager and Head of Asia, The Mills Fabrica.


The event kicked off with an immersive experience of TG3D’s ‘Scanatic’ 360 Body Scanner. Participants witnessed how a high-precision avatar seamlessly transitioned from reality into the digital world using this avant-garde 3D equipment. Subsequently, Browzwear showcased its comprehensive array of 3D design solutions, inviting participants to embrace a holistic understanding of designing a 3D garment. From stitches to pattern drafting, color design to 3D rendering, the event defied conventional notions of fashion design, revolutionizing participants’ perception of creativity in the industry.

The workshop attracted a diverse range of participants, including experts from the fashion industry and individuals with curiosity, both from design and non-design backgrounds. It was fascinating to witness people from various fields engaging in collective brainstorming sessions, generating countless out-of-the-box ideas and turning them into prototypes on the spot using 3D technology. Participants from other professional backgrounds, such as urban planning and banking, added a unique perspective to the event.

The hands-on activities allowed participants to experience the practical operations of 3D design, and Browzwear’s VStitcher software garnered significant recognition. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface helped 3D beginners and enthusiasts adapt quickly, reducing the learning curve and enabling more time to bring creative ideas to life.

Browzwear remains steadfast in its vision to foster and propel the application of 3D technology in the fashion industry. The collaboration with likeminded partners like The Mills Fabrica will continue, with more events planned for the future. Beyond technical workshops for professionals, Browzwear aims to attract a wide array of individuals interested in 3D fashion,  dedicated to empowering both individuals and enterprise users by providing them with knowledge and proficiency in embracing 3D technology. The recent open event showcased the transformative power of 3D technology in fashion design. By embracing novel experiences and breaking traditional models, Browzwear is propelling the industry forward and revolutionizing creativity in fashion.


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