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Bring Meshcapade’s Capabilities Directly to VStitcher


We’re excited to have partnered with Meshcapade , who are revolutionizing the world of human body modeling, sizing, and animation. Meshacapade’s recent integration with Browzwear’s VStitcher is designed to extend the showcasing capabilities of Browzwear users, as well as provide additional tools for fit validation. With Meshcapade’s automated human avatar creator, digidoppel, users can now create accurately measured, realistic, animation-ready avatars and seamlessly import them into VStitcher.

Digidoppel gives users the ability to see their Browzwear garments accurately displayed on different human body shapes, a variety of different poses, and motions. This capability enables users to better visualize their garments’ sizing and fit, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient fit validation process.

With this integration, Browzwear users can now choose from a range of different animation rig skeletons, both male and female, and download them in a matter of seconds directly from the Browzwear Cloud Library. Using the animation plugin, you can dress the avatar by selecting the ‘with garment’ option and generate it as an mp4, gif, or png sequence.

We look forward to seeing our users bring their garments to life with Meshcapade’s digidoppel.

For more information on this integration, visit Meshcapade’s partner page.

Meshcapade’s Partner Page

Watch the integration in action:


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