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VNTANA Announces Partnership with Browzwear


LOS ANGELES, CA – June 8, 2021

VNTANA, the industry leader in 3D Content Management Software (CMS), today announced a new partnership with Browzwear , a pioneer of 3D technology for the fashion industry. This new partnership is designed to make 3D asset use across e-commerce, social media, and B2B sales simple and streamlined for fashion and apparel brands.

VNTANA’s patented platform makes content creation faster and more efficient for 3D artists by automating the conversion of manufacturing product files into 3D Web, AR & VR e-commerce experiences, providing an end-to-end solution for 3D assets across platforms. Browzwear offers a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use solutions to bring creative designs to market, including rapid 3D design and styling software. With VNTANA’s integration of Browzwear’s Apparel Automation Engine, designers will now have the ability to instantly upload their Browzwear designs to the VNTANA platform for optimization, collaboration, and distribution to other channels, streamlining a seamless workflow from start to finish.

The ability to automatically upload designs from Browzwear has a number of beneficial applications for apparel brand teams, automatically giving sales and marketing teams the assets they need for 3D e-commerce and AR experiences for social, as well as streamlining B2B sales, virtual try-ons, and more.

One brand that’s integrated VNTANA into their system environment is Featuring LIMITED, the virtual development competence center of Otto International, an Otto Group company. Featuring LIMITED uses the latest in 3D technology to make apparel and footwear product design fast and flexible, providing design and sourcing services in a one-stop-shop.

Katharina Bobrowski, General Manager at Featuring LIMITED, said, “Our drive to digitization links to the desire to conduct business in the most sustainable way possible. One aspect of it is a full integration of VNTANA into our system environment. This will not only simplify the workflow for our users but also reduce the time spent on administrative work. Front-end components will be accessible for certain user groups to review and annotate, but managing those user groups and the registration processes on our side requires the ability to push the active directory to the VNTANA platform. We could not be more excited to work on this integration that not only helps us keep our workflow sustainable and efficient, but also prevents our users from experiencing platform fatigue.”

“Browzwear is committed to bringing true-to-life representation of garments to apparel professionals and businesses, and finding creative partnerships like our integration with VNTANA helps us advance the use of 3D assets for fashion and apparel brands around the world,” said Sean Lane, VP of Partnerships and Solutions at Browzwear. “Making the designs produced through our VStitcher platform accessible to our clients and partners is essential to ensuring that true-to-life representation of garments are accurate. VNTANA helps us advance the use of 3D assets to apparel brands around the world and ensure the process of design to manufacturing is both seamless and more sustainable.”

“Our platform already helps brands and 3D artists bring their vision to life across eCommerce and Social Media in minutes, rather than days or weeks, and this integration with Browzwear will help streamline the process even more. As a trusted and industry-leading solution, the best brands and designers turn to Browzwear for streamlined, easy-to-use 3D design solutions– we’re thrilled to be able to make the process of utilizing these 3D apparel assets even more simple and scalable across all sales channels for the world’s most innovative and boundary-pushing companies,” said Ashley Crowder, CEO and Co-Founder of VNTANA.


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