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What Is the Best 3D Apparel Design Software for Beginners?


If you are just starting out on your 3D design journey but feel a little overwhelmed by the different tools on the market, we’ve got you covered. At first glance, the 3D design process may seem daunting if you are a total beginner with little to no experience. To help you take the first steps on your digital apparel path, we would like to introduce you to Browzwear’s 3D fashion design software, VStitcher.

VStitcher is the industry’s leading 3D fashion design and development software, which provides fashion organizations of all types and sizes with an all-in-one digital apparel design solution to eliminate textile waste, reduce costs from design to production, and ultimately create better-quality products.

How can I learn Browzwear’s 3D fashion design software, VStitcher?

3D fashion design software

No prior knowledge in 3D apparel design? Not to worry! Successfully jumping into the world of 3D requires establishing a solid foundation through sufficient training and hands-on practice. It’s not something that can be achieved overnight, but with the right tools and support, you’ll be able to quickly get on track. Browzwear provides all new users with various on-demand learning tools and educational platforms, as well as a variety of workshops conducted especially for 3D beginners to ensure a seamless and comprehensive onboarding journey.

With the guidance of Browzwear University and interactive support from the Browzwear 3D expert team, you will gain all the essential tools and skills needed to become a proficient VStitcher user.

The VStitcher courses on Browzwear University include a series of all the software basics, quizzes, and activities to help put your new skills into practice and a completion certificate to share with your professional network. In addition, the online learning platform enables you to work through each course at your own pace and track your progress as you advance through the curriculum.

The overall onboarding process aims to educate beginners with the necessary and foundational 3D design knowledge and skills that will help build your confidence in the digital design space to enable you to create true-to-life 3D garments with ease.

What makes VStitcher user-friendly?

3D apparel design software

Stepping out of your comfort zone is never an easy task. However, once you have implemented 3D into your design process, you will notice VStitcher’s user-friendly and intuitive features that will enable you to experiment with endless options and create as many iterations as you need before sewing a single seam.

By utilizing ready-to-use 3D design garment blocks , you can edit, adjust, and customize each garment’s colors, patterns, and prints to bring your design concept to life without having to start from scratch each time. As a beginner, this is a great way to start your 3D design journey as you can start working on a simple T-shirt and build up your confidence and experience with the software.

How will VStitcher benefit my apparel workflow?

Implementing VStitcher into your 3D apparel workflow will enable you to validate and visualize the overall look and feel, from the cut and style down to the fabric and drape of the digital prototype, within a matter of minutes. This eliminates the need to depend on the physical samples and the challenge of over-production, as garments can now be created on-demand as as and when the product order comes in, which helps boost your organization’s efficiency and minimize unnecessary costs.

You will also be able to drive sustainable initiatives throughout your apparel organization by leveraging a 3D digital twin of the physical garment, which results in fewer approval iterations and therefore reduced fabric waste.

If you’re ready to explore the world of 3D fashion design and achieve your creative potential, book a demo to see Browzwear’s 3D fashion design software in action.

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