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What’s New in the 2024.1 Edition


Are you a pattern maker, technical designer, or fashion designer looking to streamline your garment creation process? Look no further than the 2024.1 Edition! These updates are designed to make creating garments more efficient and intuitive than ever before. 

Enhanced Efficiency, Elevated Creativity

Enhanced 2D Measure Tool: Revolutionizing Garment Balance & Precision

This version introduces the upgraded 2D Measure tool. This tool completely transforms the garment balancing process and is particularly useful for pattern validation workflows. It also significantly minimizes the requirement for DXF file importing and exporting. The tool functions similarly to 2D CAD software but offers the unique advantage of automatic data updates within VStitcher after each adjustment. 

Seamless Integration: Sizing & Grading 

Not only does the 2D Measure tool streamline the balancing process, but it also seamlessly integrates with the Sizing & Grading tool, allowing for effortless adjustments across different sizes. This ensures consistency and accuracy throughout the grading process. 

Upgraded Outfit Feature: Accelerating Digital Garment Creation 

The edition also includes the upgraded Outfit feature, which accelerates the digital garment creation process. This feature allows for easy layering of garments and provides various options for quick visualization, minimizing the need for repeated simulations and restyling.  

Optimized Colorway Creation: Streamlined Customization 

The outfit feature enhances colorway creation by allowing the cloning of entire outfits within the colorways window. This streamlines the process of creating customized color schemes. Secondly, an improved all-over print functionality offers new repeat options tailored specifically for all-over prints. 

Boosting Collaboration and Security 

Streamlined Access with Single Sign-On (SSO)

One of the most significant updates in this edition is the implementation of Single Sign-On capability across all Browzwear products. Now, with a single set of login credentials, users can seamlessly access VStitcher, Lotta, Stylezone, and Cloud licenses. This means bidding farewell to the hassle of logging in separately for each service. 

The benefits of SSO extend beyond convenience; it also strengthens enterprise-wide security by facilitating quicker communication between VStitcher and Stylezone. Activating SSO for your organization is a breeze, requiring just a straightforward process to ensure smooth usage for your team. 


Advanced Collaboration with Stylezone 

One notable feature is the ability to categorize comments as either "Members only" or visible to "All users". This empowers users to selectively share comments with external collaborators while ensuring internal team members can view all feedback. 

Changing the status of comments is a simple task, offering flexibility during the review process. Whether it's adjusting settings while editing or finalizing comments, Stylezone provides a user-friendly interface for effective collaboration. 

Refined Comment Management 

Now, Stylezone further refines the comment management experience with new views and filters, enabling comprehensive organization based on comment status. Internal users can now benefit from enhanced organization and privacy controls. 

For additional clarity, comments are color-coded based on their status, ensuring seamless navigation within the platform. These updates aim to streamline communication and feedback gathering, ultimately enhancing the garment development process. 


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