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Which 3D Design Software Do Fashion Designers Use?


As fashion moves towards a more circular industry, there is a growing demand for more sustainable design methods, higher-quality garments, and faster turnaround times. As a result, this puts pressure on apparel organizations to start utilizing 3D and implement the right set of 3D fashion design tools to conduct fully digital workflows.

Many of today’s fashion designers are taking advantage of Browzwear’s apparel design software, VStitcher, for its advanced and comprehensive set of garment design and visualization tools to bring their designs to life in real-time.

How are apparel designers utilizing VStitcher to take their designs from conception to creation?

fashion design software When it comes to apparel brands choosing the right 3D fashion design software for their workflow, it is important to consider how the software can advance their organization’s position throughout the design process in such a competitive and evolving market. By implementing 3D into their apparel workflow, designers can experiment with the endless capabilities and features of the software, from colorways and fabrics to textures, and fit and create as many iterations as possible without sewing a single seam.

But where does one even begin? The first step is building the initial concept of the design, and it then goes through to product development phase. Finally, once the garment has been developed, it goes through the digital product creation phase.


Now you’ve got your concept, it’s time to get to work

Once the concept has been defined and approved, apparel designers can start to build their digital prototype. The 3D clothing design software, VStitcher , enables them to explore their design’s virtually, from the fabric’s stretch to the fit, and test it before taking it to the market. The overall design needs to reflect the exact representation of its physical twin, and with VStitcher’s fit, grading, and pattern modification features, an accurate digital twin can be achieved.

Apparel designers can also leverage VStitcher’s advanced validation and visualization tools that will bring the accurate true-to-life aspect to the digital garment. By leveraging Browzwear’s Fabric Analyzer , designers can determine the exact physical properties of any piece of fabric, from its stretch and texture to its thickness, and they can visualize how the fabric folds and falls on a real human body.

Once a digital twin of the physical product has been created and validated, apparel organizations can enjoy fluid collaboration using Browzwear’s cloud-based end-to-end apparel management platform Stylezone across the supply chain. With this platform, both internal and external stakeholders can make informed decisions over the digital prototype on one unified platform, ensuring an accurate production-ready garment.

Let’s talk DPC (Digital Product Creation)

fashion design software

It is now time for creation! DPC forms part of the development process as it encourages apparel brands to utilize digital design tools and increase their use of digital assets. This is done by merchandising garments to consumers before going into production, reducing the recurring issue of overproduction and wasted stock. It is important to point out that the digital prototype is not only used within the design process but can also be used for showcasing purposes for sales presentations and consumer marketing.

With various software applications on the market, it is important for apparel designers to evaluate which software will enable them to create the most accurate representation of the physical garment, leaving little to no room for adjustments when it comes to producing the physical product. In other words, it’s key for fashion designers can have full trust that what they are creating is true-to-life.

If you’re ready to explore the world of 3D fashion design and achieve your creative potential, schedule a demo to see Browzwear’s 3D fashion design software in action.

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