3D Fashion Development

VStitcher is the industry’s leading 3D virtual prototyping solution for developers, pattern makers and technical designers. With VStitcher, you can instantly transform 2D patterns into realistic 3D prototypes or develop new patterns from start to finish.
  • Prototype early – long before samples or fabrics are available
  • Instantly visualize patterns in realistic 3D
  • Develop new styles quickly and accurately with our 3D pattern design software
  • Create patterns faster than ever
  • Communicate easily with designers and manufacturers
  • Seamlessly transition between 2D pattern software, image design suites, 3D modeling and rendering solutions and more
3D outfit on mannequin

True to Life Garment Prototyping

Create or modify patterns and translate into a realistic 3D prototype that showcases endless variations from physical fabric properties to material visualization, seams, pockets, layers, padding, creases, 3D rigid accessories, trims and more.
3D outfit on mannequin over spreaded 2D pieces

Accurate, Beautiful Fabric Draping

Visualize the way any fabric folds and falls on a real human body with incredible 3D fabric draping technology. You can measure the exact physical properties of any fabric using a proprietary digital sensor that plugs right into VStitcher.
3D dress on mannequin

Real-Time Photorealistic Rendering

See every change you make with real-time 3D rendering, or click a button to generate a photorealistic 3D image for the most accurate material simulation available including transparency, reflections, shadows, textures and more.
3D outfit on mannequin

True-Motion Fitting and Real Human Avatars

Simulate garment pressure and tension, neckline stretch and more. Import an endless number of avatars from any source to enhance realism and accuracy. You can even view your models in motion and capture complex poses with the smoothest of transitions.
3D avatar moving around

Tech Pack: 3D Manufacturing Spec

Instantly generate detailed PLM-ready specifications for manufacturing the 3D garment. Every team member downstream receives exactly the information they need, including materials, trims, workmanship, pattern prints and more.
3D jacket over sample tech pack output

Seamless Integration with Adobe

Work simultaneously with image, vector and pattern design software, in a variety of 2D and 3D file formats, through a seamless runtime integration that instantly updates both files.
3D tank top