Browzwear for ODM Businesses

Harness The Power Of 3d From End-to-end

Creating An Efficient Product Development Process

With Browzwear, ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) businesses cut down and simplify their journey from design to production. As so many processes are involved, a well-implemented digital workflow from end-to-end presents an unparalleled opportunity to reduce costs and speed time to market.


Drive Efficiency Throughout the Business

Spend Less Time And Resources

Practically Eliminate Physical Samples For Faster Iterations And Higher Responsiveness.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Produce an accurate prototype right from the early stages of the approval iteration

Upcycle Digital Samples

Unpicked digital samples can be altered as needed and used again efficiently

Win More Opportunities

With a faster turnaround rate, more business can be closed in less time and less spend

Accelerate The Validation Process

Any adjustments can be made over digital samples, meaning that all the back and forth iterations that are typically encountered can be carried out with both speed, ease and of course accuracy, resulting in a faster turnaround rate. As the validation process is remarkably cut down, ODMs are able to attain final confirmation in significantly less time. Additionally, unsold samples can be altered and repurposed for future collections. 

Streamline The Design Cycle With Accurate 3d Prototyping

As ODMs begin to implement 3D and adopt digital workflows, the traditional dependency on physical samples is practically eliminated, lowering the associated costs and textile waste that would otherwise occur.

Whereas review cycles may have been the most time-consuming process, leveraging true-to-life 3D samples not only enhances communication between stakeholders, it also means that garments can be edited, adjusted, and approved in a matter of minutes.

As the approved garments are uncompromisingly identical to the physical pieces, all of the costs can be calculated earlier on in the process, not only boosting the ROI, but enabling clients to receive their products faster.

The Importance of Accuracy In 3D Apparel

Leveraging virtual garments that are true-to-life, gives designers the flexibility of making any design or fit adjustments according to the client’s requirements in a matter of minutes, ultimately replacing a significant portion of physical sample iterations. By being able to create a digital garment that is uncompromisingly accurate to the final result means that there is no longer a need for much of the time and resource waste within the validation process. This gives companies the benefit of experiencing faster turnaround times between sample modifications while ensuring a flawless physical garment.

Staying On Budget

Before garments are sent to production, each and every component that makes up the physical piece is put into place and accounted for. This works to avoid any future costs that may have come at a surprise during the manufacturing process. Having the ability to calculate your expenses at the pre-production level establishes a more cost-effective production cycle, reducing any uncertainties or misunderstandings.

Digitally Skilled Workforce As The Key To A Successful Adoption

Before implementing any solution, the organization must have the right framework in place to embed digital tools from the core. This involves equipping the workforce with all the necessary skills to pave the way for innovation. To facilitate fluid and efficient digital adoption required a range of educational tools including our e-learning platform, Browzwear University, developed by our expert team of 3D field trainers. This allows apparel companies to skill-up their employees in 3D design, from anywhere at any time. Additionally, as each company has its own requirements, our customer success team provides customized training programs tailored to the needs of the organization.

Enterprise-Grade Reliability & Security

Brands Are Required To Maintain A Stringent Security Level For Their Global User Base And Proprietary Assets.

  • ISO:27100 Certified, enterprise-grade security
  • Copyright protection enablement mechanism
  • Cloud-based license management that supports operation at scale
  • Robust APIs and enterprise integrations with 3rd party apps


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Customer Story: Browzwear X UTG


Back in 2018, United Textile Group A/S (UTG) started working with Browzwear to create a more efficient and sustainable design cycle through technological innovation. Since the implementation of true-to-life 3D fashion design software, the company has achieved remarkable results, virtually eliminating the need for physical prototypes throughout the entire process.