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Bringing 3D Talent to the Forefront with Browzwear Industry Jobs Board


The world has gone through significant changes over the last year, and there has certainly been a shift in the way we work and communicate. There is no doubt that the pandemic and the emergence of a new normal has accelerated digital transformation across all industries.

When it comes to fashion, many of those who went on furlough or were left unemployed, used their unexpected extra time to level up in all things digital as a way to emerge stronger from the challenges posed by the pandemic and gear up to be a part of a digitally skilled workforce, which has slowly but surely become an industry standard.

With that being said, throughout recent months we have continuously increased our efforts in bringing 3D talent to the forefront to help push the industry forward via various initiatives including the Browzwear Indie Program , the Professional Guild , as well as the launch of our comprehensive e-learning platform, Browzwear University .

At the same time, the demand for 3D talent has rapidly grown across the fashion industry and we’re frequently approached by our clients looking to hire proficient Browzwear users for both freelance and full-time employment positions. That’s why we took this opportunity to launch our very own industry jobs board for clients to share open positions for 3D-savvy employees amongst an extensive network of avid VStitcher professionals looking to advance their careers in the field of digital fashion.

The new jobs board includes listings for 3D positions across the industry, from brands to wholesalers and manufacturers, ranging from entry-level to senior roles. Positions are searchable by location, profession, type of employment, as well as company. By launching the jobs board, we hope to bring both clients and 3D job seekers closer to achieving their goals together.

Interested in adding a position to our jobs board?  Simply submit the details here .



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