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CBX Software and Browzwear Integration


Hong Kong, May 4, 2021

CBX Software , the world’s leader in retail Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Supply Chain Management solutions, announces a fully digital, 3D design and development workflow with integration to Browzwear’s VStitcher and Lotta products. CBX Software provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to fashion, general merchandise, furniture, pet, hardware, home décor and value brand retailers. Retailers and Brands with large private label operations use CBX to achieve their strategic product development, sourcing, and digital transformation goals.

Incorporating 3D into the retail design and product lifecycle process not only enables technical validation, but can also accelerate collaboration, and enhance alignment internally and within the broader vendor community on a new design—a key success factor often overlooked toward the end of a design process. Using CBX Cloud with the Browzwear integration offers crucial benefits which produce desired results and allow retailers and their vendors to collaborate and demonstrate new designs to a variety of geographically dispersed stakeholders—complete with physical models—even at remote sites.

“We began exploring Browzwear to CBX Cloud integration in 2020 and were guided by our strong PLM user base composed of over 65,000 users, 1,200 brands and over 200 of the world’s largest retailers. Getting user feedback and guidance from the biggest names in retail was key in order to maximize performance in the product lifecycle process,” says CY Lau, CTO at CBX Software. “More broadly, the twofold impact of the 3D integration greatly enhances the retail industry’s ability to design, develop, and produce and rapid 3D design prototyping and styling.”

The CBX Cloud , VStitcher and Lotta integration also drives efficiency for fashion and apparel brands specializing in personalization or made-to-measure by automatically updating product designs and fit via virtual samples. They can also share photorealistic 3D models with customers for review and approval prior to production.

“We are thrilled to announce the CBX Software and Browzwear integration”, says Michael Hung, CEO at CBX Software. “Our product development, sourcing and supply chain digital strategy begins with harnessing the power of a truly end-to-end automated solution. CBX Cloud Retail PLM provides an ideal foundation to enable adoption of 3D design in product development to reduce creation times, synchronize color and material libraries, eliminate the risk of unsynchronized data, and collaborate more efficiently internally and with vendor partners”.

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