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DTech Lab X Adidas X Browzwear: Design Sprint


In a groundbreaking collaboration, FIT's DTech Lab embarks on an innovative journey, blending fashion design with cutting-edge technology. The mission was clear: solve industry challenges using 3D apparel design technology.

The Project: Redefining the Iconic Tracksuit with 3D Technology

Students from fashion and user experience design teamed up for a unique sprint. Their challenge? Redesign the iconic Adidas tracksuit using 3D virtual prototyping software like V Stitcher and Lota by Browse Ware.

Swift Prototyping, Realistic Visualizations

With these tools, students swiftly prototyped new ideas without the need for physical samples. They experimented with performance fabrics, draped in Browse Ware, creating realistic visualizations of their designs. Close collaboration with the Browse Ware team maximized the software's advanced features for lifelike simulations.

Learning from Each Other: Design and User Experience

As the fashion team explored ideas, the user experience designers closely followed. This collaboration allowed the UX team to comprehend the workflow and product experience. Their insights were compiled into a detailed report, guiding strategies to attract early designers.

Results: A Fresh Take on Adidas Tracksuit

In just two weeks, this interdisciplinary effort produced visually striking ideas for the Adidas tracksuit, staying true to the brand's core values. The D Tech Lab's fusion of fashion and technology not only showcases innovation but also sets the stage for future collaborations. This harmonious blend promises a creative future where design and technology seamlessly coexist.


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