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Embracing the Digital Revolution: Exploring the Metadress Course at Wizo Haifa Academic Center


The Metadress course at Wizo Haifa Academic Center is an innovative and transformative program in the rapidly evolving landscape of fashion education. Spearheaded by Rachel Getz-Solomon, head of the Fashion Department, this course is designed to equip students with the necessary digital skills to thrive in the industry, propelled by the recent merge of Haifa University’s School of Design with Wizo Academic Center becoming the university’s school of design. With a focus on Browzwear’s 3D clothing design software, VStitcher, students explore the realm of 3D apparel design, unlocking its immense potential for shaping the future of fashion. Under Rachel’s guidance and with the expertise of lecturer Valentin Karabanov, the Metadress course exemplifies innovation in fashion education by seamlessly integrating digital technology into the curriculum. Through the utilization of cutting-edge software and a combination of theory and practical application, students gain hands-on experience and readiness to embrace the opportunities presented by the digital revolution in the fashion industry. 

Navigating the Digital Fashion Landscape 

The Metadress course begins by immersing students in the world of Browzwear’s software. Catering to individuals with no prior experience in 3D apparel design, the curriculum is divided into two parts. In the initial phase, students become familiar with the software, mastering its functionalities and navigation. This foundation paves the way for the second phase, where students apply their newfound knowledge to individual projects, showcasing their creativity and proficiency. 

“Digital skills are invaluable for aspiring fashion designers in today’s industry. With technology’s ever-increasing influence, it is crucial for students to adapt to advancements like 3D digital design in order to thrive,” says Valentin Karabanov, Lecturer at Wizo Haifa Academic Center and Founder of Valentin’s Studio. “I emphasize the role of 3D modeling software in bridging the gap between digital and physical fabrics, empowering designers to create virtual prototypes and experiment with new techniques.” 

From Ideation to Execution: Unleashing Creativity with 3D Technology 

Throughout the course, students are encouraged to swiftly transition from the initial design phase to project execution. Students have the flexibility to either create original designs or utilize pre-made garment templates from Browzwear’s collection of 3D blocks. The project execution phase encompasses multiple stages, including 3D pattern creation and garment simulation, followed by graphic design, and the creation of textures using digital textiles. At the end, students showcase their work as high-quality digital renders in an immersive virtual reality gallery. 


Student Perspectives:  Embracing the Digital Fashion Revolution 

Let us now turn our attention to the valuable insights shared by students who have participated in the Metadress course. Their experiences shed light on the transformative power of digital skills in the fashion industry: 

Yuval Beeri, a student, highlights the importance of equipping fashion enthusiasts with digital skills, recognizing their potential to revolutionize the industry. Yuval expresses, I found VStitcher to be remarkably user-friendly, and working with different types of artworks in the software enables me to achieve a tailored jacket detailed with embroidery and beading to achieve an ultrarealistic look. I intend to continue utilizing these tools in my future endeavors.” 

Raghad Daher emphasizes the need for fashion students to embrace digital skills to bring their visions to life and present their art in innovative ways. Raghad shares, “Despite initial challenges, I found VStitcher to be a useful and enjoyable tool to work with. I truly appreciated features like fabric physics manipulations, the slash and spread tool, and the styling tool.” 

According to Katreen Deeb, digital skills offer fashion students greater control over their online presence, opening doors to new business models and enhanced consumer experiences. Katreen affirms, “My experience with VStitcher surpassed expectations, enabling me to design garments with various elements and achieve photorealistic 3D rendering. I plan to leverage these tools throughout my career.” 

Jade Gmosar echoes the sentiment that digital skills are indispensable in this new era of fashion. Jade firmly believes that “3D technology holds the key to a more efficient manufacturing process and the realistic execution of design ideas. The ability to experiment with the transparency levels in VStitcher enabled me to enhance the overall appearance of my design with ease.” 

Pioneering the Digital Fashion Frontier 

The Metadress course at Wizo Haifa Academic Center is a significant stride forward in fashion education. By equipping students with digital skills and exposing them to cutting-edge technology like Browzwear, this course empowers the next generation of fashion designers to shape the industry’s future. As technology continues to transform fashion, it is imperative for students to wholeheartedly embrace the digital revolution and explore its endless possibilities. With each passing day, the fashion industry edges closer to a digital future where creativity and innovation know no bounds. 


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