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Indie Designer Spotlight: Tamar Landau


From Fashion Student and Womenswear Specialist to Digital Fashion Designer, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with Tamar Landau , to gain insight into her digital journey how it has impacted her career going forward.

Growing up in Israel, from a very young age Tamar could often be found sketching all sorts of designs while her classmates were busy paying attention in class. Tamar was greatly influenced by her two grandmothers, who were both passionate about art and fashion. One of her grandmothers was a painter and sculptor, and the other was a jewelry designer, who would often leave Vogue magazines around her house that Tamar couldn’t wait to get her hands on. Needless to say, Tamar grew up in an environment where she was surrounded by creativity.


As Tamar became increasingly interested in the world of fashion, she decided to pursue a career in fashion design, earning herself a place at one of Israel’s leading institutions, Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, and Art to study Fashion Design. As she began her studies, she was first introduced to the language of fashion, followed by specializations in a variety of fields from leisure clothing, knits, and jeans, to evening wear and tailored clothes.

When it came to her second year at Shenkar, Tamar was given the option to take an elective course in 3D CAD apparel design, which immediately sparked her interest. After being introduced to the concept and exploring the world of digital apparel, she dived into 3D fashion design software,  Browzwear’s VStitcher course to skill up, and gain a deep understanding of the software. As her studies at Shenkar drew to a close, Tamar decided to take off on her own journey, launching her own apparel label which was centered around modest wear for women.


With 10 years’ worth of experience in womenswear followed by the birth of her second child, Tamar was ready to step back into the world of 3D CAD design and continue her digital journey with VStitcher at the core. It was at this point that she came across the Browzwear Indie Program, enabling her to get back on board the 3D train. “ After discovering the Indie Program, I was very excited to join such a vast and talented community of 3D designers ,” says Tamar.

After joining the Indie Program, it wasn’t long before Tamar was back into the swing of all things digital. As she refreshed her VStitcher skills, Tamar began to work closely with all of the pattern-making features and functions within the clothing design app. “Creating digital garments in VStitcher is made easy through VStitcher’s user-friendly interface,” says Tamar. “ If I want to alter any of my garments, it is possible to see the change immediately by a swift click of a button, you don’t have to physically cut and sew just to see that you’ve made a mistake by only 2cm ,” she adds. “ I love that I can create my own patterns, I can see the alterations that I’ve made and I can see my entire design in just a matter of clicks ,” says Tamar.


Currently, as Tamar continues to broaden and perfect her 3D CAD apparel skills, she is focusing on selling her designs through launching new collections and collaborations, showcasing all of her latest styles digitally on various social media platforms, to gain further exposure and attract new clients. At the same time, she also mentors aspiring fashion students, enabling them to achieve their goals and earn places at leading design schools around the world.

As Tamar looks towards the future, she wishes to utilize her knack for digital and love for fashion design to assist apparel companies, who haven’t yet adopted 3D, in making a smooth transition to digital. “ The digital fashion world is advancing at a fast pace and the fashion industry today is more open and willing to embrace the digital transformation ,” says Tamar.“ I always say that every company can benefit from 3D. At first, it seems complicated to connect the low-tech element of the industry to the high-tech but I really believe that 3D is for everyone as they are able to find their own angle and interpretation ,” says Tamar.

We’re excited to see how the rest of Tamar’s 3D story unfolds, so be sure to follow her journey here .


If you are an independent designer looking to enter the world of 3D, apply for Browzwear’s Indie Program

Browzwear’s Indie Program

“I always say that every company can benefit from 3D. At first, it seems complicated to connect the low-tech element of the industry to the high-tech but I really believe that 3D is for everyone as they are able to find their own angle and interpretation.”



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