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Browzwear and Trapdoor Collaboration



At Browzwear, we’re constantly looking for ways to bring speed, accuracy, and efficiency to our users’ creative workflows by partnering up with leading technology companies and offering seamless integration through our ever-expanding digital ecosystem and Open Platform.

This time around, we’ve joined forces with Trapdoor Creative , a leader in 3D digital experiences, to enable our users to enjoy access to their interactive 3D rendering and visualization platform, STAGE. With a direct-connect plugin to VStitcher and Lotta, apparel designers and manufacturers can leverage the platform to create, showcase, and review their true-to-life garment simulations near-instantly.

The capabilities offered by STAGE, powered by Unreal Engine 5, will further allow all VStitcher users to take advantage of an all-digital workflow, enabling them to conduct the complete cycle rapidly and with scale, gaining back critical time along the way.

From creating engaging animations to conducting approval cycles, the STAGE and VStitcher integration will enable apparel designers to provide and implement feedback speed while having confidence that the manufactured items will appear exactly as their digital twins do, significantly less material waste and faster time to market.

VStitcher plugin access to STAGE is now available to all Browzwear users following a paid subscription through Trapdoor Creative. To learn more about the solution, visit Trapdoor’s VStitcher Plugin page

Trapdoor’s VStitcher Plugin


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