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Browzwear and The Bridgt Atelier Collaboration


“When looking toward the future of the apparel industry, my focus is on new tools onboard where I can ensure that will enable our employees to work more efficiently and create an environment to nurture that”

Browzwear, a 3D digital apparel design technology – and The Bridgt Atelier, a digital hub for training and showcasing developed by leading garment manufacturer Oasis Garment Ltd – partner to expand the influence of 3D throughout apparel manufacturing industry across Southeast Asia.

VIETNAM – June 28, 2021
Browzwear, a leader of 3D technology for the apparel industry, today announced its partnership with The Bridgt Atelier, an Innovative Digital hub focused on bringing digital technology into the manufacturing process. This partnership brings together Browzwear and Oasis Garment Co Ltd , a leading manufacturer in Vietnam with a focus on technology for its product creation.

As the fashion industry continues to adapt its businesses through the ongoing pandemic, we have seen key industry players forge ahead to accelerate the digitization of their supply chains. Thus, the partnership was established to support manufacturers alike, by equipping manufacturers in the growing Vietnam market with the solutions and knowledge, to make better business product decisions with their customers. By leveraging state-of-the-art visualization tools and 3D technology provided by Browzwear, the design cycle is shortened to meet the fast-changing market demands. The ability to visualize the Digital Twin means both Oasis and its customers can make decisions on a style and product with greater agility.

By partnering with Browzwear, The Bridgt Atelier aims to expand the influence of 3D across the apparel industry in Vietnam and create a bridge between fashion brands and manufacturers for a more efficient product lifecycle. Therefore, brands and retailers can achieve a much better physical product and take that Digital garment to selling, whilst achieving less waste. Thus, creating a truly sustainable end-to-end workflow from Fashion creation to selling to manufacturing.

With Vietnam standing as one of the most rapidly growing global manufacturing sectors, The Bridgt Atelier aims to build a seamless 3D workflow from design to production. To support this, the company in collaboration with Browzwear is building a dedicated digital hub for showcasing and demonstrating workflows that are possible with 3D. The HUB is also offering training and user support in the Vietnam market to develop further integration of 3D throughout the different areas of manufacturing. This will allow all Vietnam apparel manufacturers to gain hands-on experience as they gain knowledge on embedding 3D across the product development process and manufacturing workflow.

‘’In light of the effects of the pandemic on the fashion industry, now more than ever is the time for apparel businesses to embrace digital technology in order to best navigate these challenging circumstances and be able to continue business as usual in times of uncertainty. I am excited to embark on the end-to-end product lifecycle together with Browzwear having the best-in-class tool for True to Life 3D, to enable the future state of the manufacturing industry,” says Ibrahim Ozsoy, Chairman & CEO, Oasis Garment Co Ltd and Co-Founder of The Bridgt Atelier. “When looking toward the future of the apparel industry, my focus is on new tools onboard where I can ensure that will enable our employees to work more efficiently and create an environment to nurture that. By skilling up the entire workforce in 3D, we will all be on the same page and therefore be able to serve our customers faster and more efficiently.”

Oasis Garments started its 3D journey in 2019 prior to the pandemic, and the advantages are unparalleled as Ibrahim Ozsoy notes from experience “I had a request from a brand for a prototype. I made two digital designs and sent them to the clients, and they opted for one. Starting from scratch the 3D prototype took me 3 hours. If I had to do the physical sample, it would take us 2-4 weeks based on material availability. Furthermore, I would have to send the samples across the world and wait to receive a reply which would take several more weeks. All in all 6-8 weeks just to know whether I will be able to proceed. With the 3D asset, everything can happen within 24 hours, saving both time, resources, and of course costs.”

“Browzwear sees rapid growth in digitization across Vietnam and I am delighted by this partnership which perfectly aligns with our vision for the apparel industry. The partnership with The Bridgt Atelier will establish the go-to digital hub, showcasing comprehensive digital workflows for Manufacturer peer-to-peer sharing, and efficient learning and training facilities to gear up the next generation with digital skills for immediate deployment,” says Eileen Tan, Regional Director- Asia, Browzwear. “Both Browzwear and The Bridgt Atelier are committed to bringing true sustainability and digital skills to the industry in the region and we look forward to welcoming prospective manufacturers to the hub later this year .”

To learn more about the digital hub, please contact or or

About The Bridgt Atelier

The Bridgt Atelier is an innovative hub focused on equipping the industry with solutions and knowledge to innovate and automate the traditional operations of manufacturing and industrial processes for Industry 4.0, by bringing digital technology into the manufacturing process. Focus on minimizing the gap between digital and physical twins ensuring speed to market is achieved from material digitization to garment creation. All while bridging the physical and digital worlds in a seamless, waste-less approach for the Fashion industry.


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