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    Grouping and Locking and Hiding! Oh, My!

    Just when you thought we couldn’t have done it better… We went ahead and tipped the scales. Some of our most exciting and useful enhancements from...


    Splashing Around with AATCC

    Browzwear was proud to sponsor the AATCC Concept 2 Consumer® Student Design Competition for the second year. More than 120 students from 24 colleges...


    2019 April Edition Update

    New update brings enhancements and improvements to VStitcher and Lotta 2019 April Edition.

    DTech Lab X Adidas X Browzwear: Design Sprint

    In a groundbreaking collaboration, the DTech Lab at FIT embarks on an innovative journey, blending fashion design with cutting-edge technology. The...


    Smart Shoes Complete Every Look

    Complete the 3D look & user experience, Browzwear has introduced adjustable smart shoes that work with multiple avatars or used in various poses.


    Integrated Ray Trace Engine

    We’ve streamlined the V-Ray rendering process by including its raytrace engine out of the box, so you can see the effects of fur & other complex...


    Introducing VStitcher 8.0 and Lotta 4.0

    We are pleased to introduce you to VStitcher 8.0 & Lotta 4.0! We’ve spent countless hours perfecting amazing new features & tweaking old favorites...