Browzwear Blog


    Introducing VStitcher 8.0 and Lotta 4.0

    We are pleased to introduce you to VStitcher 8.0 & Lotta 4.0! We’ve spent countless hours perfecting amazing new features & tweaking old favorites...


    Meet the Browzwear Interns from Oregon State

    We're excited to introduce our interns from Oregon State University. They are based in our Corvallis, OR office and work directly with Browzwear...


    Feature Highlight: Design in Sizes

    Design in Sizes allows you to position your graphics on the 3D virtual garment and then scale and adjust the size and position across multiple sizes.


    Announcing VStitcher 7.9 and Lotta 3.9

    To kick off a creative and productive new year, we are pleased to announce the release of VStitcher 7.9 and Lotta 3.9.


    Folded Shirts to Upgrade Your Merchandising

    VStitcher 7.8 and Lotta 3.8 are making it easier on your workflow. A feature that has been added is to create Folded Shirt visualizations.