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Browzwear Night at FIT 2023: Product Demos


Color, Prints, & Graphics

In this tutorial, we’ll explore custom designs with colors, prints, and graphics. We’ll transform a plain garment into a unique design by recoloring fabrics and importing prints. We’ll also add vector artwork to a t-shirt and adjust placements using guides and the transformation menu. Additionally, we can edit the artwork externally and make necessary adjustments. Using Substance presets and layer maps, we can change material mode and adjust transparency. With the colorways workspace, we can quickly change colorways and replace artwork

Stylezone & Miro Workflow

In this tutorial, we’ll explore the Stylezone and Miro integration. Like Pinterest, you can manage your seasonal development by creating boards and uploading various items, including 3D objects, graphics, merchandising plans, and design briefs. We’ll walk through virtual quality standards to ensure consistency, and the 360 turntable feature and BW file upload for team access. The 3D viewer feature lets you interact with garments in a dynamic way, add comments, tag teammates, and more.

The Art of Presentation

In this video, you will learn about the art of presentation, utilizing a wide range of photorealistic, posable, and fully parametric avatars that you can adjust to your liking. You can also choose from different lighting options, including HDRI lighting, which you can find online or create yourself. With the power of Raytrace rendering, you can create stunning renders, pose and style your photo shoot however you like, and choose your lighting and camera angle to your liking. The video will walk you through the steps of creating a different pose, dressing your avatar, and adjusting the background and lighting. You’ll also learn how to adjust the camera angle and lens properties to achieve the desired effect, including the fisheye effect.

Design Ideation & Fit

In this video, you’ll learn how to quickly create multiple design iterations using a block pattern. Experiment with different fabrics and colors without cutting the pattern, using cut marks. See how a leather elbow patch and zigzag stitching can be added to the design, before dressing the garment to visualize the texture changes.

3D Garment Review

In this video, we cover an example workflow of factory and brand communication for a new style 3D garment review. We go over how to use 3D garment files, specs, and reference blocks to ensure that the garment is balanced and fits comfortably, and how to leave feedback for the factory to make necessary adjustments.


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