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The Creators Lab: 30 Sweats in 30 Minutes Webinar


Unleashing Creativity with Browzwear: Mastering 30 Sweats in 30 Minutes 

Welcome to an exciting journey of fashion design with Browzwear! In our latest tutorial, "30 Sweats in 30 Minutes", we showcase the power and efficiency of V Stitcher in bringing your design ideas to life. This hands-on design workshop utilizes essential tools such as blocks, U3M, and our innovative stage plugin, demonstrating how you can swiftly create and render multiple garments.


Download and Experiment

Start by downloading the assets and blocks from the link below provided in the workshop. Experiment and create your own designs - it's a great opportunity to test your skills and imagination.

The Graphic Sweatshirt: A Blend of Creativity and Technology

Our tutorial begins with the classic graphic sweatshirt. The latest integration with Substance offers a plethora of techniques and fabrics. For instance, the chenille embroidery technique allows you to add custom artwork and masks, ensuring your design stands out. The tutorial also covers how to apply these techniques, ensuring your artwork is black and white for the mask to function effectively.

A Touch of Personalization

You can personalize every aspect of your design. From adjusting the roughness to applying the design to different parts of the garment like sleeves, the possibilities are endless. What's more, you can alter base colors and stitching, providing complete control over the final look.

Exploring More Styles: Rugby Sweat and Cruise Sweat

The oversized rugby sweatshirt introduces you to flat embroidery, demonstrating how you can add intricate details to your designs. The cruise sweatshirt, on the other hand, utilizes Photoshop and Illustrator files for a multifaceted print technique, highlighting the seamless integration of external design tools with V Stitcher.

Innovative Techniques for Unique Designs

The tutorial takes you through various innovative techniques like cut marks for color blocking, internal line drawing for creative seaming, and the use of 3D layers for realistic simulation. You'll learn how to create raw edge seams, add metallic effects, and even integrate advanced maps for luxurious fabrics like velour.

From Smart to Casual: Creating Diverse Styles

The tutorial doesn't just stop at smart styles; it also delves into creating casual looks with wash effects and puckering details. You'll explore how to use Substance fabrics and adjust their properties to achieve the desired look, whether it's a peached finish or a shinier thread content.

Rendering and Visualization with Stage Plugin

Finally, the tutorial introduces you to the Stage plugin. This tool revolutionizes the way you visualize your designs by providing different locations, lighting settings, and even ultra-realistic metahuman avatars. It's a game-changer for rendering and viewing your range in a realistic setting.

Join the Browzwear Revolution

This tutorial is just a glimpse of what you can achieve with Browzwear's tools. Download the asset files, experiment with the styles, and unleash your creativity. For more information and to explore further, please visit our homepage. Dive into the world of fashion design with Browzwear and transform your ideas into stunning realities!


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