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Tutorial: A Deep Dive into 3D Trims



Are you looking to take your designs to the next level? Look no further than VStitcher's 3D trims, now even more enhanced in version 2023.2. From simplifying the process of adding trims to maintaining their integrity throughout simulations, VStitcher empowers designers to bring their creative visions to life like never before.


Enhanced Import Feature for
Seamless Transformations

One of the standout features of VStitcher's 3D trims is the enhanced import feature, which ensures that all transformations are preserved in their original state. This means that whether you're importing trims from external sources or creating them within VStitcher, you can trust that their integrity will be maintained throughout the design process.


Simplified Trim Application with
New Line Connector Feature

Say goodbye to tedious manual processes with VStitcher's new line connector feature. This innovative tool simplifies the process of adding 3D trims and seamlessly stitching them to the garment. By streamlining this workflow, designers can focus more on their creative vision and less on technicalities.


Efficient Trim Arrangement with
Cluster Integration

For standalone trims, VStitcher's cluster integration feature is a game-changer. Before simulation, simply arrange the trim within the relevant cluster, and VStitcher takes care of the rest. This efficient process ensures that trims are seamlessly integrated into the garment, enhancing the overall design aesthetic.


Prevent Collisions with
"Collide with Garment" Feature

To avoid any unwanted collisions between 3D trims and the garment, VStitcher introduces the "collide with garment" feature. By disabling this option, designers can ensure that trims interact with the garment in a realistic manner without compromising the integrity of the design.


Easy Positioning with 3D Gizmo

Positioning 3D trims has never been easier thanks to VStitcher's intuitive 3D gizmo. With simple controls and real-time feedback, designers can effortlessly place trims exactly where they envision them, ensuring precision and accuracy in every design.


Maintain Trim Offset After Simulation

One of the key advantages of using VStitcher for 3D trims is its ability to maintain trim offset even after simulation. This means that designers can iterate and refine their designs with confidence, knowing that the integrity of their trims will be preserved throughout the entire design process.


Ready to dive deeper into
the world of 3D trims? 



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