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Earth Month 2023: Working with Next-Gen Fabrics in VStitcher



Creating the pineapple bag:

Import the DXF file into VStitcher.
To get started, we recommend hiding the avatar for easier editing of the bag. Next, dress the bag to begin the design process and adjust the patterns using the styling tools. Be sure to lock the bag’s pattern pieces and hide the textures for easier editing. To create a more realistic look, we’ll convert the internal lines to holes and add the bag’s body pieces, placing them using the 3D Gizmo. Use the Move tool to position the new pieces behind the holes and add the bag’s strip and trims.

Once completed, move the handbag to the side and show the avatar, before preparing and dressing the pants and shirt. Assign the new fabrics to the outfit, and don’t forget to change the avatar’s pose for a more dynamic look. Lastly, we’ll bring the handbag back into the 3D window and finalize it using various styling tools and the 3D Gizmo.

As we celebrate our planet this Earth Month, we collaborated with our longstanding partner Swatchbook to allow all our users to create their eco-friendly looks in VStitcher. To spark your creativity, this short video tutorial demonstrates how to create a sustainable yet stylish look using a variety of next-gen fabrics, including bamboo and hemp, from Swatchbook’s fabric library.

Create your own sustainable look: 

Download the Swatchbook U3M files


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