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VStitcher Tutorial: Working with the Design in Sizes Feature



'Design in Sizes' is a powerful tool within VStitcher software that allows you to manage different size specifications seamlessly within a unified workflow. By working with this tool, you can provide your workflow:

  • Faster design and development: Reduce the time spent manually scaling and adjusting designs for different sizes.
  • Improved accuracy: Ensures consistent fit and avoids fit issues across the size range.
  • Enhanced creativity: Enables exploration of different design options for specific sizes.
  • Better collaboration: Facilitates communication and feedback on size-specific details with your design stakeholders.

How does it work?

  • Create multiple size variations: Design a garment in one size and automatically generate variations for different size ranges or individual sizes.
  • Precise positioning: Control the placement and scaling of artwork, patterns, and other elements on each size variation individually.
  • Real-time visualization: See how your design looks on different body types and sizes instantly, ensuring a consistent and accurate fit across the range.
  • Streamlined workflow: Eliminate the need to create separate patterns for each size, saving time and effort.

Design in Sizes is a valuable tool for fashion designers who want to work smarter, not harder when creating size-inclusive garments.

In this video tutorial, we will delve into the ultimate feature that allows you to configure the size and position of artwork for defined groupings of sizes. Let's dive in! 

Setting the Stage: Avatar Size Sets

To embark on this journey, ensure that you have a graded garment where different sizes have been meticulously dressed on their avatars. If you're curious about setting up avatar size sets, check out Lesson 301 on Avatar and Pattern Shape Functions.

Assigning Artwork: Base Size Magic

Now, let's dive into the process. Begin by assigning an artwork to the base size. Then, select the artwork in either the 2D or 3D window. With the select tool in the context view, click on the 'I' icon or view button to reveal the design and sizes pane at the bottom of the screen.

Navigating the Design and Sizes Pane: A Symphony of Options

The design and size pane is your gateway to a world of possibilities. It displays all available sizes, automatically assigning and positioning the artwork on different sizes. This feature proves especially handy when dealing with various garment sizes, ensuring that the artwork remains proportionate to each size.

Fine-Tuning and Adjustments: The Art of Precision

Undock the pane for a closer look, and don't forget to explore options like zooming in and out for a better view. The rulers of the artwork position can be hidden or shown, depending on your preference. Each size is highlighted, with the selected size prominently displayed in bright blue.

Groups and Configurations: Tailoring Your Needs

Working with design and sizes involves defining or importing a grouping of sizes. For example, if extra small and small share the same artwork size, group them. Hover over the dot between sizes and use the scissors icon to split or merge groups, tailoring the configuration to your needs.

Preserving Configurations: Locking, Saving, and Sharing

Lock configurations to prevent accidental changes and save them as presets for future use. Sharing presets with other users is a breeze - just export the VStitcher size ranges preset SDP and send it over.

Importing and Customizing: Adapting to Your Workflow

To import an existing SDP file, choose the preset from the dropdown menu that suits your needs. Whether you want to treat all sizes as one group or divide every size, Browzwear has you covered.

Real-Time Edits: Elevating Your Design Game

Once your defined group of sizes is in place, editing and adjusting become a breeze. Changes in the 2D or 3D window are instantly updated in the design and sizes pane. Fine-tune the artwork for each size, and when you're done, simply exit the design and sizes pane by clicking the 'X' icon.

Your Secret Weapon

Imagine creating one base design and instantly seeing it adapt perfectly to any size range. There are no more manual scaling or fit surprises, just flawless visuals and streamlined workflows.

Design in Sizes empowers you to:

  • Slash time-to-market: Stop wasting hours on repetitive tasks. Generate size variations in a flash, freeing you to explore more creative possibilities.
  • Guarantee fit consistency: See how your design drapes on different body types in real time. Eliminate fit issues before they become costly problems.
  • Unlock size-inclusive design: Cater to diverse customers without design limitations. Explore unique details and embellishments for specific sizes with ease.
  • Collaborate confidently: Share seamless size variations with stakeholders, ensuring everyone's on the same page. Get faster feedback and approvals.

It's the efficient, quality-driven choice for every designer who wants to achieve more in less time.

Looking to create 3D apparel like a pro? It's never too late to take your skills to new heights! Browzwear University helps apparel companies speed up their digital transformation and boost the use of 3D in their operations. It offers an on-demand learning platform where users can acquire the necessary skills to become proficient VStitcher users.


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