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IACDE Summit 2024: The 3D Design Brief A-Z Workshop with Dorelle McPherson




During a recent workshop at the IACDE 3D Summit, our expert, Dorelle McPherson, led an engaging session focused on the 3D Design Brief. She took participants on a captivating journey, providing guidance on crafting a design brief and optimizing the workflow.

From selecting fabrics to sketching and refining designs, Dorelle shares invaluable insights and hands-on techniques using the latest version of VStitcher. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Courtney Love's 1995 red carpet slip dress, this workshop is a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary design principles.

Key Takeaways from the Session: 
  • A Design Brief is the key communication link between a brand or fashion label and garment producers. This process involves conveying the collection's theme, style concepts, technical intricacies, and design specifications.
  • Whether working with internal or external partners, conducting the process in 3D serves as a pivotal step in the collaborative journey. It offers precise instructions and invaluable information to the product development teams, empowering them to craft the desired styles for meticulous review and refinement. 
  • The powerful combination of Stylezone and VStitcher facilitates smooth communication between various stakeholders.
  • This collaboration empowers technical designers, fashion designers, merchandisers, and executives to collaborate effectively, maximizing resources and speeding up the time it takes to bring products to market.
  • Streamline design processes by rapidly creating and adjusting detailed 3D models, speeding up approvals and reducing revisions.
  • Minimize the need for physical prototypes, cutting down on fabric, labor, and shipping expenses while aiding in precise budgeting and planning.
  • Foster clarity among team members, clients, and suppliers by sharing 3D designs, promoting better alignment between designers, marketers, and production teams.
  • Capitalize on trends quickly with the speed-to-market advantage, increasing sales and revenue while reducing the risk of producing unsuitable items.



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