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Achieve Your Creative Potential with the VStitcher Colorways Workspace



The VStitcher Colorways Workspace allows users to seamlessly build, manage, and modify colors to achieve their creative potential quickly and easily. Each colorway comprises a combination of color libraries, seams, fabrics, and artwork and displays the color in use.

With the workspace, users can leverage multiple colorways for the same garment with flexibility, as well as have the ability to import existing colorways, clone, add, delete and rename throughout the process. Within 3D clothing design software, VStitcher, the colors are automatically generated per garment and updated in real-time, depending on the selected components.

To ensure that everything is kept organized, the Colorways Workspace offers various layouts to choose from so that users can enjoy a streamlined colorways creation process and efficiently manage all combinations simultaneously.

The default layout displays all of the colorways and their relevant components as a list, the grid view provides users with an overview of the colorways, the 2D window arranges the pattern pieces on one side and the components on the other, and finally, the 3D window , which allows you to make adjustments on the left side and see the 3D result on the right.

The Colorways Workspace is particularly useful for apparel companies with seasonal carryover styles when creating colorways workflows. It allows designers to experiment endlessly with different options for the same garment and instantly visualize the results. This means that more informed decisions can be made at the click of a button without having to physically produce different color combinations.

With a drag-and-drop interface, designers can change the color of any material as and when needed, merge colors to narrow down the number of colors used, or create an entirely new color scheme. It’s also easy to add various artworks to your garments and rapidly apply them across different size ranges and selected colorways. All the colorways and material adjustments created can easily be located in the workspace when needed.


Learn more about the different features and functions of the VStitcher Colorways Workspace on our Help Center.

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