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IACDE Summit 2024: Creating a 90's Tracksuit in VStitcher



Step into the past with our Back to the 90's Tracksuit Design Workshop, led by Kaitlin Todora. Learn how to craft the perfect retro-inspired tracksuit using VStitcher, delving deep into the realm of 3D technology to elevate your design workflow.

This workshop offers an in-depth exploration of utilizing 3D technology to elevate jumpsuit designs with a nostalgic 90's theme. It provides step-by-step guidance on how to leverage 3D design tools to enhance various aspects of the garment, emphasizing efficiency and precision.

Throughout the session, Katilin demonstrates the process of adding intricate details such as color blocking and pattern shaping, showcasing the versatility of 3D tools in visualizing design elements quickly and accurately. It highlights the benefits of using 3D technology over traditional methods, eliminating the need for physical samples and printouts, thereby streamlining the design process.

She highlights the importance of attention to detail in achieving the desired aesthetic is underscored, with techniques for adjusting angles and refining shapes to create a flattering look discussed in detail. The tutorial also explores the customization of materials and colors for different sections of the garment, showcasing the flexibility of 3D design tools.

In addition, the tutorial delves into advanced techniques such as incorporating textured effects using substance materials, as well as adding logos and prints to personalize the design. It emphasizes the iterative nature of the design process, allowing for easy adjustments and refinements within the 3D environment.

Dive into the vibrant colors and bold patterns of the decade as you learn to navigate the software's tools and functionalities, sketching and refining your design in 3D. Whether you're a seasoned designer or new to the scene, this immersive workshop offers a dynamic space for creativity and collaboration, culminating in the ultimate homage to 90's fashion.


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