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VStitcher & Substance 3D Workshop: Redefining 3D Asset Creation



The dynamic duo of VStitcher and Substance 3D has ushered in a new era of limitless creative possibilities, redefining the way designers craft 3D assets. This workshop will delve into the seamless integration of Substance 3D Designer and Substance 3D Sampler, offering a comprehensive exploration of fundamental workflows that empower designers to elevate their creations within VStitcher.

Capabilities and Compatibility:

Before we dive into the exciting workflows, let's highlight some key capabilities of this integration. VStitcher now fully supports SBSAR materials, covering fabrics, artworks, seams, and 2D trims. The physical size defined in SBSAR files seamlessly translates into the correct dimensions within VStitcher, ensuring accuracy in design.

Moreover, the integration extends compatibility to the Substance 3D assets store, allowing users to effortlessly download materials in either SBSAR or SBS file formats. This synergy guarantees ongoing support for any advancements introduced by Substance, aligning VStitcher with the cutting edge of 3D design.

VStitcher's libraries are enriched with a collection of Substance materials, providing 10 fabrics and 5 artworks free of charge to all users. This workshop will guide you through the process of downloading these materials and exploring their potential in VStitcher.

Dynamic Material Resolution and Parameter Presets:

One standout feature of Substance materials is their dynamic nature, allowing designers to adjust resolutions based on performance needs. Whether opting for low resolution during the design phase or going full resolution for the final render, the flexibility is a game-changer in optimizing the creative workflow.

Additionally, all Substance 3D Asset Store materials come equipped with Parameter Presets, streamlining the configuration of various parameters. This functionality enhances efficiency and promotes the seamless transfer of pre-configured values, adding a layer of convenience to the design process.

Workshop Workflows:

The workshop kicks off with the first workflow – Mélange Recoloring. Demonstrating the power of Substance Designer, this workflow showcases the efficient recoloring of fabrics with diverse colors and textures. By creating presets in Substance Designer, designers can expedite the process and ensure dynamic color variations within VStitcher.

Next up is the classic workflow of Bitmap to Material using Substance 3D Sampler. This approach enables the transformation of a simple picture file into a 3D material, showcasing the software's capability to generate PBR outputs essential for VStitcher. While not as precise as Vizoo scanning, this method is highly effective for creating references in a matter of minutes.

In the final demonstration, the focus shifts to converting Illustrator artwork into embroidery, with Substance 3D Sampler taking center stage. Opening a PNG file from Adobe Illustrator, users can witness a preview of the embroidered graphic in the 3D window. The resulting SBSAR file offers a plethora of parameters, enhancing the creative possibilities within VStitcher.

To explore further and master the Substance 3D integration, head over to our Help Center.


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