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Tutorial: Jacket Design in VStitcher



In VStitcher, creating stunning jacket designs is made effortless with a range of powerful features and tools. This comprehensive summary highlights the key steps and functionalities to help you achieve exceptional jacket designs.  

Designing your jacket begins by selecting a template from the extensive library, featuring an out-of-the-box asset collection. Seamlessly customize your design by using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to add elements like zippers and buttons. Design cut lines and slice cut lines can be precisely placed, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship.   

Take your jacket design to the next level by applying padded fabric to provide enhanced comfort and style. VStitcher also integrates seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator, enabling a smooth workflow between the two platforms and facilitating seamless design transfer.  

Ensure a perfect fit by evaluating the garment in motion. VStitcher allows you to assess the fit of your jacket design on virtual models, enabling realistic simulations and precise adjustments for optimal aesthetics and functionality. 

For effective collaboration and showcasing, VStitcher offers convenient features. Visualize multiple avatar group views to gain a comprehensive perspective and make collaborative decisions. Showcase your jacket designs with photorealistic V-Ray rendering, creating high-quality images for presentations and marketing materials.  

Effortlessly export a comprehensive tech pack from VStitcher, including all necessary specifications, measurements, and design details. This streamlined process ensures accurate communication with manufacturers and streamlines the production workflow.   

With VStitcher's robust toolset, designers can unlock their creative potential and bring exceptional jacket designs to life. Experience the power and versatility of VStitcher as you create captivating jackets that reflect your unique style and vision. 



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