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Tutorial: Mastering Material Application in VStitcher



In this video tutorial, we learn the fundamentals of applying materials to a garment using VStitcher. The process begins by opening an existing garment that already has various materials, including fabrics, seams, artwork, and trims. One way to add fabric is by dragging and dropping it onto the pattern piece, providing the option to change the material for all pieces with a single click. Alternatively, the assigned tool is recommended when changing the material for multiple pieces but not all of them. The same technique can be applied to add artwork and trims to enhance the garment's design. 

Adding materials to your garments in VStitcher is incredibly straightforward, as demonstrated in the video. By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly customize the fabric, artwork, and trims of your garment, allowing for greater creativity and versatility in your designs. 

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