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Tutorial: Using Rulers to Create Size Charts in VStitcher



In this video, we’ll cover two main workflows that will help you optimize your pattern-making process and ensure that your styles meet all required measurements.

First, we’ll discuss creating measure lines on base patterns and developed styles for your brand’s internal use. As a pattern maker, it’s important to meet certain measurement requirements for different types of blocks. By creating measure lines on these blocks, you can ensure that the block meets these requirements and serves as a strong foundation for new development.

Next, we’ll discuss creating size charts directly from VStitcher. The size chart of a style is crucial throughout the entire development process, from start to finish. It helps to maintain consistency in proportion, evaluate the pattern, grade the pattern, and perform final quality control. By creating rulers in VStitcher, you can easily export a size chart that is 100% accurate to the pattern.

Overall, these workflows can greatly improve your productivity and efficiency as a pattern maker when working with 3D apparel design software. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial video, you’ll be well on your way to creating high-quality patterns that meet all required measurements. So why wait? Start optimizing your pattern-making process today with VStitcher.

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