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bonprix's 3D Journey: Mastering the Digital End-to-End Workflow






Benefits of 3D for bonprix


Development Time Shortened by Over 30%


Samples Cut Down by 50-100%


Fit Iterations Conducted 100% Digitally


Style Briefings Conducted Digitally


About the Company

bonprix, part of the Otto Group, is a global fashion powerhouse based in Hamburg. It effortlessly captures the latest catwalk trends, translating them into a diverse range of inspiring fashion pieces suitable for various occasions, styles, and sizes. With five in-house brands and monthly fresh collections, bonprix has built a loyal customer base through its user-friendly online shop and enticing catalogs. This winning concept has propelled bonprix to become one of the highest-grossing online fashion retailers. Committed to an end-to-end digital workflow, bonprix has successfully integrated 3D technology into its product development cycle, revolutionizing the fashion creation process. 

Challenges and Objectives

Recognizing the need for increased flexibility and efficiency in its product development, bonprix sought to reduce physical samples and enhance the digital workflow. Partnering with Browzwear, the company aimed to implement 3D technology to achieve a seamless end-to-end digital workflow. Torben Böhm, Manager of Technical Product Development & Digital Innovation at bonprix, states, "We aimed to enhance flexibility and minimize samples. In our ideal scenario, each step's outcome is reusable in the subsequent steps. This led us to embrace the concept of an end-to-end digital workflow." 


The Journey Towards Digital Transformation

bonprix started its 3D product development journey with low-complexity items including t-shirts and sweatshirts, implementing virtual fitting processes. The goal was to create a seamless, end-to-end digital workflow, planning over 1000 styles for a collection year.

Torben notes, "We found out that Browzwear is the best partner for us to go forward with our vision of the end-to-end workflow with the global team." This collaboration allowed bonprix to create digital twins of fabrics, ensuring worldwide accessibility based on standardized parameters. 

Mastering Digital Twin Creation 

bonprix utilizes advanced tools such as the Vizoo scanner and Browzwear's Fabric Analyzer to capture textures and replicate fabric parameters in 3D. A team of 35 individuals across the globe underwent upskilling to manage in-house pattern making, forming a global team of experts from Otto International, bonprix Poland, and bonprix Hamburg.  

Solveigh Keikavoussi, Manager of 3D Technical Product Development & Digital Innovation at bonprix, says, "As a former pattern maker, witnessing the transformation of my creations from the screen or paper to life has always been a magical moment." 


"The immediate visibility of pattern changes before production, even before a sample is produced, adds a new dimension to the creative process."

Eliminating Time and Cost Barriers

The transition to 3D technology significantly reduced both time and costs associated with style development. Solveigh Keikavoussi, Manager of 3D Technical Product Development & Digital Innovation, bonprix, highlights the achievement of cutting down the development time for a style.  

"Through our efforts, we successfully trimmed the development time for a style by a substantial 30 days," notes Solveigh. "Our journey into 3D style creation marked a significant shift. What used to take us approximately 3 months has now streamlined to just two months." 

The adoption of 3D technology supported the creativity of product developers, providing an environment with ease of making changes and immediate visibility of results on screen. The reduction in sample iterations allowed bonprix to respond promptly to customer requests and industry trends. 



"The reduction of samples varies from 50 to 100%, depending on the product group. In some cases, especially with less complex product groups, production can confidently move forward without requiring any physical samples."  


Embracing Digital Styling Briefings for Quality Assurance 

Katharina Oldenburg, Product Manager at bonprix, notes the shift from face-to-face meetings to digital styling briefings for quality assurance. This has eliminated the need for physical adjustments, enhancing efficiency and marking a departure from traditional, time-consuming practices.  

"Before venturing into 3D, our interactions involved face-to-face meetings with QA technicians to review styles alongside physical samples, consuming considerable time,” notes Katharina. “The adoption of digital styling briefings has eliminated this, saving valuable time." 

The company has successfully eliminated the time and cost barriers associated with style development, ushering in a new era of streamlined and cost-effective processes.

Strategic Wins and Forward Visions

Looking ahead, Torben states, "The goal is to scale product groups and internal brands, creating over 2000 products in a digital way for the next collection year." The company aims to explore soft body avatars for lingerie, underwear, and swimwear, with the overall goal of achieving an end-to-end digital workflow. bonprix already possesses 3D files and is exploring opportunities to use CGI images and 3D features for the online store.  

bonprix's 3D journey has streamlined its product development process, positioning it as a pioneer in the fashion industry. The success of this initiative underscores the importance of embracing innovation and finding tailored solutions for each company's unique needs. Solveigh emphasizes, "Don't be afraid or feel intimidated because it's a great opportunity and a great journey." The results speak for themselves, as bonprix continues to push boundaries and redefine the future of fashion with 3D technology.


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