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Mastering the Ellipse Tool in VStitcher: From Circles to Symmetry



Join us as we dive into the upgraded Ellipse Tool in VStitcher, unveiling its potential for creating stunning variations of bell-shaped skirts. We'll recap the key steps from the tutorial and explore how these innovations can elevate your patternmaking game.

360-Degree Bell Skirt

The tutorial kicks off with a full 360-degree bell skirt. By utilizing the Ellipse Tool, users can easily calculate the diameter and create a perfectly fitting shape. The video walks you through the steps of inserting the ellipse, adjusting the radius for the skirt length, and seamlessly integrating it with the top. The result? A beautifully flowing bell skirt with a full circle shape.

180-Degree Bell Skirt

Next up is the 180-degree bell skirt, designed for those who prefer a bit less volume. The tutorial demonstrates how to create half of a circle using the Ellipse Tool, adjusting the sector field and radius accordingly. The step-by-step process ensures precision in measurements, resulting in a skirt that perfectly complements the top while offering a noticeable reduction in volume.

120-Degree Bell Skirt

For a more subtle bell shape, the tutorial guides users through the creation of a 120-degree bell skirt. By dividing the circle further, designers can achieve a unique look with less flare. The Ellipse Tool simplifies the process, allowing for easy adjustment of the sector field and radius, resulting in a skirt that strikes the perfect balance between volume and style.

Creating a Skirt with Symmetry

The final variation introduces symmetry into the skirt creation process. Using the 120-degree shape as a starting point, the Ellipse Tool empowers users to craft a skirt with four equal pieces. The tutorial demonstrates how to leverage symmetry to enhance design efficiency, creating a visually striking skirt with intricate detailing.

The upgraded Ellipse Tool in VStitcher opens up a world of possibilities for fashion designers. Whether you're aiming for a full 360-degree flare or a more subdued 120-degree look with symmetry, this tool streamlines the design process, offering precision and creative flexibility. To delve deeper into these techniques and explore more features, be sure to visit our help center.



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