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Tutorial: How to Use the Smart Zippers Feature



In this video tutorial, you will learn how to utilize smart zippers in your garment designs using the powerful combination of VStitcher and Lotta software by Browzwear. To begin, you can add a smart zipper to your materials, allowing for precise customization. The next step involves incorporating the smart zipper into your garment. By simply dragging the zipper to the first edge and clicking on the second edge, the zipper is seamlessly added, mimicking the behavior of a real zipper. 

One of the notable features of the smart zipper is its adjustable puller, which enhances its realism. When the zipper is closed, the teeth are displayed in a closed position, providing a visual representation of the closed zipper. Conversely, when the zipper is open, the teeth are shown in an open position, accurately depicting the zipper's appearance when unfastened. The smart zipper also includes a stopper at the bottom, as well as tape at the back of the zipper, both of which can be adjusted to suit your design preferences. 

Furthermore, Browzwear's smart zipper offers flexibility in customization. Users have the option to modify the width of the tape, allowing for fine-tuning of the garment's aesthetic details. Additionally, the out-of-the-box smart zipper comes with an adjustable pull cord. However, if desired, you can easily replace it with your own custom pull cord, providing further personalization. 

In conclusion, Browzwear's smart zippers empower designers to enhance their garment creations with realistic and customizable zipper features. By seamlessly integrating smart zippers into their designs, users can achieve accurate visual representations of both open and closed zippers. With adjustable components such as the puller, tape width, and the option to add custom pull cords, designers have the freedom to create garments that meet their exact specifications. Browzwear's smart zippers offer convenience, ease of use, and a heightened level of realism, elevating the overall quality and design possibilities for garment creators. 

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