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Introduction to VStitcher Animation Workspace



In the video above, we’ll give you a detailed walkthrough of the VStitcher Animation Workspace and its key elements featuring our female parametric avatar Olivia. However, all of the animations you see can also be applied to Oliver, our latest male avatar, alternatively you can import external avatars to the animation workspace.

When preparing your avatar for animation, you can choose whether to dress, simulate, and style it within the workspace, or import an existing snapshot from the home workspace. To make things a little easier, the animation can be paused and re-simulated at any time, so you can be sure to achieve your desired result and enjoy a flexible animation workflow.

The Animation Workspace is packed with various features and functions that allow you to experiment with the frame rate, set the animation speed, export the animation to external software applications, and more. Once you choose your avatar, you’ll be able to view which animation sequences are available to use, these typically include a range of movements such as walking, jogging, a pause and twist, as well as a 180-degree turn.

If you’d like to use a different animation sequence from an external software application such as Mixamo , all you need to do is log in to their website where you can browse thousands of full-body character animations. You can then upload your Browzwear avatar to the platform as an FBX file and customize it with the animation of your choice as well as toggle between various types of body movements.

You can download the FBX files for both Oliver and Olivia here.

Download FBX Files


Remember, the animation can be rendered both with and without the avatar, and exported in a variety of different output formats, from an mp4 to a 3D object.

We’re excited to see your 3D garments in action!

For more information on the Animation Workspace visit


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