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Leading fashion brands and manufacturers from across the globe place their trust in Browzwear's innovative 3D fashion design software to revolutionize their product development process.

With a proven track record of excellence, our cutting-edge technology empowers these industry leaders to accelerate their design cycles, streamline their production timelines, and bring their creative visions to life with unparalleled efficiency. 


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Unspun X Browzwear

Unspun team came across Browzwear and was eager to learn about the software and how they could incorporate it into their design process.

Delta Galil X Browzwear

Delta Galil began to experiment with Browzwear's 3D apparel design software, VStitcher, to understand how to navigate it for all purposes.

Stretchline X  Browzwear

Stretchline teamed up with clothing design tool, Browzwear to begin their accelerated digital transformation journey.

PEPCO X Browzwear

By leveraging digital tools, buyers and suppliers enjoy seamless collaboration as any changes can be communicated over the digital sample.

Fookwah X Browzwear

Browzwear X Fookwah - Early Prototyping and Accurate, True-to-life 3D Garments

Halti X Browzwear

Halti began its digital transformation journey by incorporating 3D into their design workflows for base layers and t-shirts.

UTG X Browzwear

Browzwear drives digital transformation in the apparel industry through the power of true-to-life 3D prototypes. Read UTG's full story.

Puma X Browzwear

The partnership enabled PUMA to establish an optimized product development workflow through the implementation of a systematic 3D design solution.

Crystal Denim X Browzwear

Since adopting a 3D apparel design workflow, Crystal Denim has enjoyed faster, flexible, and more efficient processes.

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